Who are we? It’s a really good question!!

We could tell you that we are the “best agency in the area”, that “we offer cutting-edge services”, that our “mission” is the full satisfaction of the client, that we also do “post-deed service”, that we “prepare in a professional manner” preliminary and lease contracts, etc…

So, we want to be exclusively a support for the most important purchase of your life or even just to make you spend a few weeks of vacation in a thoughtless way; listening to your needs, maybe your doubts and even your dreams, and solve those “boring” bureaucratic issues that arise in our sector (preliminary, deed, mortgages, caseload cards, mortgages,…).

We are….. a family.

By the way, my name is Massimo Ongaro, I’m 45, I have a wife, Giulia, that I love and a daugher, Rebecca, that is our joy. We are always present and we dedicate ourselves with love to our profession.

We would like to write so many things, maybe even interesting, but we perfer that you come to visit us in Eraclea mare (our offices are in Via Dancalia 67). We don’t promise you “amazing” results or “unmissable” business, but we assure you to “listen” to you and to search together for a solution to the many needs that you might have.




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