WARNING! This year there is a requirement for all those who stay, even for a short period, in the Region of Veneto to the RABIES vaccine to their pet, at least 21 days before you arrive!

For animal lovers there are various solutions with garden and not where they are welcome. In addition, we find useful information: where there is always a vet available during your stay, where you can buy the usual food of your dog at an advantageous price or where it is nice to bring your 4-legged friend.

Every year 150,000 pets are abandoned and mostly during the summer period. Take your friend on vacation! If you want to give happiness to feel loved to a 4-legged betrayed by what should be his best friend: the man, adopts an abandoned dog: www.prieteniinostri.com


Do you remember what you were like scared,

when you threw out of the car.

He left you alone and desperate,

thrown away like a toy that has stew.

On the side of the road you lying

Convinced that he would return”.

In your great ingenuity of good dog,

did not find a reason to abandonment.

As the hours passed,

you tore your heart in pain.

To get your beach holidays,

he did not care to make you die!

Patrizia Amato


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